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Users of the Andalusian bus network will be able to plan their route through Meep

Easy, free and in real time.


Meep is a digital solution that integrates and connects different transportation services, creating sustainable connected mobility ecosystems.

‍But Meep is not just technology. It is the engine that drives more intelligent and humane mobility. We unify, analyze and optimize transportation services, providing companies and cities with the data and intelligence tools they need to achieve more efficient, sustainable trips that serve people.

This technology enables public entities and transport, infrastructure, IoT and ticketing operators to deploy digital mobility ecosystems in record time with a tight budget.

Complete with digital solutions adapted to the needs of each deployment to enable more efficient, sustainable and connected mobility.

Multimodal route planner

It combines the different mobility services available with real-time information, offering results based on customer customization and based on cost, time, sustainability and health.

Interactive map

End users can consult all the mobility options available around them, compare and select the one that best suits their needs.

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