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Urbans fares

Without transfers to / from inter-urban bus companies With transfers to / from inter-urban bus companies
Jaén 0.82  € 0.66  €

Fares inter-urban

Number of crossing Single Ticket Transport Card
0 1.40  € 0.96  €
1 2.00  € 1.20  €
2 2.85  € 1.89  €
3 3.75  € 2.50  €
4 4.55  € 3.38  €
5 5.75  € 4.40  €

Deposit of Travel card 1.50 €
Rates effective from 01/03/2020

The price of transfer between interurban lines costs 0,66 €.

Definition of crossing for traffic concepts: Crossing are the change of tariff zone.

Tariff Zones:

The area of Jaen is structured in 6 zones (A,B,C,D,E y F). The zone A corresponds with the municipal area of Jaen.

Rates of Large families

Large Family Discounts

The card of large family allows to enjoy a discount on the price of the trip with the card of 50 % in case of large families of special regime, and 20 % in case of large families of general regime. This right is applied across bonuses in your recharges.
Each member of the family can have a card of large family. This card is personal and intransferible, In the card you can see the photo of the user , name, ID card, type of large family and expiry date of the discount.
To obtain the card of large family, you only need to refill a form that it is possible to obtain in the offices of the Consortium of Transport of Jaen (Avenue of Madrid 38,23003, Jáen), and to deliver it in the same dependences, together with the following documentation:
• Photocopy of the ID card.
• Passport-sized photo.
• Photocopy of the book of large family or the title of large family, which will have to be into effect.



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