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Users of the Andalusian bus network will be able to plan their route through big Transist

Also easy like Google Transist, free and in real time.


Bing Transit is a trip planning service developed by Microsoft that provides detailed information about public transportation, such as bus, train, subway, and ferry schedules in cities around the world.
It uses third-party data to help users find the most convenient and efficient routes for their trips. Plus, it offers features like service change notifications, alternate route suggestions, and the ability to save frequent locations for quick access. Bing Transit integrates with other Microsoft mapping and navigation tools, making it a convenient option for those looking to simplify their commutes.
When looking for how to make a trip, Bing Maps gives you the option to see the available routes depending on the means of transportation you want to use. Each of these options is represented by an icon; car, bus and person. If the bus icon is selected, users will be able to see how to get from one point to another using public transportation (bus, train, ferry, tram, etc.). Today, most internet users use this type of map to plan how to get from one place to another, not only by car, but also by public transport (bus icon).
Public transport operators can provide information to be published in GTFS format by contacting the person responsible for their country. It is a free service.

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